10 Things I Dont Understand

After reading a article on a blog by Peter Pilt (who i follow literally religiously) Well he is a Pastor after all,  he invited people to put their thoughts in the comments, I decided to do my own blog on this with a slight difference because I would not be able to add what I wanted to say.


  •   How on earth what you are about to see happened.  This is a simple safe dual lane stretch of road at Varsity area.  It is 2 lanes each way in a 80 zone.  It is a literally a nice piece of road. It is a road i travel on a regular basis.   I don’t think it was wet at the time like it shows in my pictures but i don’t know for sure. It is on Bermuda Street, Mermaid Waters/Varsity area.
  • You can just see in this picture part of what I am about to show.SONY DSC

    A vehicle on its roof on the side of the road.


    Nicely mangled


    I don’t know the circumstances leading up to this or what happened but i truly don’t understand.  The sheer damage to the vehicle makes me think it rolled and/or flipped a couple of times before coming to land in this position.

  • The possible senseless loss of lives or the maiming of innocent passengers.  Obviously something happened on this little safe stretch of road to cause this.  Was it a drunk driver?  Was it a tired driver?  Was it someone who decided that they couldn’t wait to answer a call or a text.  Or was it someone or soemthing else that caused the crash?
  •  I don’t understand why people who drive don’t take more care on the road regardless of where they are.  You are in control of a couple of tonne killing machine.  There is literally inches of rubber between your safety and the road.  The road toll is way too high.


Why people feel the need to USE people and LOVE things rather than the other way around.  It is not hard to use things as they were intended to be and to love or love on people.  I know some are hard to love somedays but those are the times we need to love them more.  Sit and think about why they are hard to love.  What has been done in the past to cause them to become the way they are.

I once received a CD from a very special friend of mine Tiffany.  She made me cry with the inscription she wrote in the CD.  “Loving you is as easy as breathing”  Such simple words but they meant so much to me.  More than she realised.  They lifted me up and gave me wings to fly and soar.    So many people over the years had broken me down to where i felt that I was not worth anything.  How many others are the same.  How many stories are out there of people ready to just give up on life and someone said something to them that made them realise they really do matter.  Just a few simple words might just mean the world to someone who is struggling.


People that say they are broke and then go spend a small fortune on things.  Usually not even on things they actually need.  To me broke is broke.  It means I dont have money to go buy a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk.


People that get on free sites such as freecycle and PIF and other sites and claim they are so desperate and need everything for free.   Beautiful generous souls give all they can to these people as they know what it is like to go without, only to find out the peron has gone and sold the item.  It breaks you down when you see it time after time.   It breaks down the trust and goodness you see in people.   When caught out the people just lie and make lots of different excuses.   .


People that aren’t grateful for what they have.  Why they always need more.  Why even when they have the best of everything still aren’t happy.  All they ever need is MORE MORE MORE.  Nothing can ever satisfy the wants in their lives.


Why people have to compete at christmas time.   Why they spend more than they can afford just so they can buy presents for people who don’t even want them.  Why they don’t pay bills and get themselves into financial problems just so they can make it look like they are rich with all the gifts they lavish on thier children and friends.

Try getting back to the true meaing of christmas and spend time rather than money.  I would rather spend time with my friends, family and loved ones knowing they are not going to struggle because they have brought things for us.

We started a tradition of giving experiences rather than presents.  Your budget determines the experience.   What parent wouldnt love some time out.   Instead of spending money on your sister, brother, friend why not take their kids to a park or a beach for a picnic or some fun time together.  Not only do you get to spend time with them, you are also rewarded with them getting to know you and having fun making memories.

If you have a small budget for gifts why not jump on Groupon or one of the other sites where you can get tickets to a attraction for low prices.  One year we got tickets to a haunted house and a game of mini golf for each of the neices and nephews.  Two excursions out,  cost us $12 each child.   We had a amazing time and they still talk about it 3 years later.  Any of the gifts we had given them were forgotten about along with all the other presents they got that year.


Why people say “it’s just asthma or sinus” when you hear them cough.   When will they realise that this “just a cough” could be so dangerour or deadly to a immunecompromised person.    Why can’t they cover their cough or turn away from others so that they don’t spread their germs to other people.

OK yes i am paranoid about coughs due to my daughter with Cystic Fibrosis.  It is amazing how many people will say these things when you can hear that it is the start of a infection with the tell tale chunky wet cough.  Yep a CF parent can diagnose a cough 20 miles away with pin point accuraccy.


Why when you help people they turn on you when small things goes wrong.  Why they get so nasty and vindictive and run you down.

Recently we made the decision to have a family friend of over 10 years children (aged 16 and 9) stay here as they were in the process of moving from Melbourne to Brisbane and hadn’t organised new acommodation up here.  We were going to have the children while the adults found a new home so they could have some fun and relaxation instead of being dragged around looking at properties.   After being up here for 2 days and a lot of plans falling through my friend and her partner ended up homeless.  We offered the adults our camper trailer to use at a caravan park the same as we did when we sold our previous house and was homeless while waiting for the contract on our new home to settle.   They felt this was a two bit gravesite and too expensive a option for them.

We gave them Jalans room in our 3 bedroom townhouse.  She slept in with us.  Due to the fact they smoke this was a huge decision for us because of Jalan.

The rules were discussed before they stayed.   Main ones being that they go outside for their smoke and have a set of “smoking” clothes” which they were supposed to change into.   Upon coming back inside they were to change clothes and wash their hands and preferably clean their teeth to minimise the risk.  Also no food or drink in the upstairs bedroom. Hand hygiene after toileting and before entering the kitchen is also a must regardless.

Needless to say these rules weren’t followed and we got a bit stressed out due to  the fact our daughter started coughing and vomiting.  It all built up over a week and after a incident and in the heat of the moment I said (ok I yelled) I felt they needed to find somewhere else to live fully meaning the 2 adults as I could not deal with the smoking anymore.  They took it as meaning all of them.  They packed up and left.

Within hours of them leaving the male attacked us on Facebook running us down and accusing us of a lot of different things and untruths including throwing them out onto the street with the children and attacking our “Christian” attitude and the way we parent and saying we were paranoid with our daughter and we needed help.   (We probably are to most families without sick kids) It got to the stage where my husband Darren who is usually so quiet and non confrontational, as anyone that knows him, attacked back with a truthful but nasty comment.  Needless to say we blocked and deleted them all as we dont need their negativety in our life.

After attacking us and ringing all our Cystic Fibrosis organisations to try justify the fact their cigarette smoke could not have harmed our daughter to make themselves feel good and telling us we were idiots that didnt know what we were talking about, they then expected us to bend over backwards still for them.  I express posted my now ex friends wallet to her as she had left it behind.   I did not want to cause them any undue hardship.  She actually accused me of not being a very good friend when I said I wanted nothing more to do with them.

They still expect us to forward all their mail to them so they don’t have to pay for a redirectory order.  What we have received we have put not this address try this address with their forwarding address on it.  We are now being accused of not forwarding their mail due to a letter with his new QLD licence in it not arriving.  I packaged up their belongings they left behind and let them know.  They recently came down and collected their stuff.   Once again asking where was the missing letter.  We cannot answer what happens to a letter after we put it into a mailbox.

Why can’t these people realise we no longer want them in our lives and just leave us alone and be happy with their own life.

Why do they feel the need to keep texting us accusing us of more rubbish.

They think for some reason that I am angry at them and trying to accuse them of damaging my daughters health.  Only person I was angry at was myself for compromising what I beleive is safe for my daughter and allowing them to stay here being that they are smokers.  It is our choice to keep her in a non smoking environment and I compromised on this.

Without their personal attack on us we could have possibly sorted through it and remained friends.   After the attack we have no desire to remain friends with the family and after all this time it is very sad.

It has made me re-evaluate our life and close ranks just a little bit and make our home our private sanctuary.   We are now making the decision whether to have people stay over again or not.   We feel our lifestyle was threatened and need to make our home as comfortable for us as we can.  We do not need to justify our choices to anyone but ourselves and God.

I now understand one of my friends policies where she meets everyone at a park or a coffee shop or something similar when they want to see her.   She keeps her home private.


Why people always want to get revenge.


Why this blog has taken so long and been so hard…….

Thanks Peter…….


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